• word archer whiskey life its only a problem if you call it one nasoj007 •
word archer whiskey life its only a problem if you call it one

I feel this

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word archer whiskey life its only a problem if you call it one
We were just one long goodbye.
1k doctor who TARDIS mine:photoset dwedit So I finally get this to upload and now I'm not sure if I like it anymore Also Clara you had one job /One job/ Also the last gif looks a bit weird because it was the problem gif and this was the only way it would upload
i hope lydia is valedictorian and at graduation gives a speech that’s riddled with little mentions of allison, and erica, and boyd, and all the people they’ve lost
You know what turns me on about Role players? hot damn look at those OOC posts whoah shit, majestic ass┬ákindness, right there. What perfume is that? Do I smell … patience? [wolf whistle] damn, look at you spendin’ some time away from RP. Yeah I’m a kinky son of a bitch. Living your...
doodle is it sadstuck if its canon
hetalia digital APH CANADA APH France papa france the best papa i was actually gonna do a group pic with seychelles and monaco in there too but i liked this better so it stuck no i dont ship franada but france s a hella great papa yall cant deny i accidently slept through french today i woke up at 1:40 thats kinda insane its not like im lacking sleep so idk what happened im not entirely sure if meilleur is actually the best word? another option was mieux but i think this one makes more sense? idk im only taking french one dont judge me but if yall got a better word please tell me
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TATTOOS are one of the only things you take to the GRAVE. Having tattoos does not make someone a del...
love girl cute Cool boy guy babe crush Tongue cool story babe cool story babe go make me a sandwich
I'm making a "They care" page. If you would like your url to be listed, reblog. Only reblog if you w...