• write my url on ur body and submit it to me write it on ur boobs for 10 points svveden •

write my url on ur body and submit it to me

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write my url on ur body and submit it to me
commissions:I’ll step on u for $500
homestuck Fanart vriska serket vriska feferi peixes feferi vrisfef FefVris theyre kind of my otp so ur all lucky i didnt go and write a whole essay on why they are perfect for each other it's all ready in my mind spiderfish
pizzaforpresident because i know about your never ending internal dilemma on whether big boobs or small boobs are better
SHINee broke the highest points record for Inkigayo with 10735 points! The previous was EXO’s 10628 ...
okay a combination of guitar hero and dance dance revolution where you’re pete townshend and you have to do shit like this
Larry Stylinson au meme edit lourry district larry larry au I LOVE THIS SO MUCH and i would really love if someone could write something based off of it ok like louis absolutely hates harry and harry comes off as confident and smug bc he's in /white eskimo/ duh but really he's sweet and considerate and louis learns that and they slowly fall for each other as they travel around the world and enter the world of sex drugs and rock and roll bonus points if you incorporate bands like green day ((who are on tour with them)) fall out boy blink omg hfkdfak pls
mine lyrics quality instax oceans coasts polarois
my gifs exo Kai exo k chanyeol kaiyeol chankai my OTP forever exo 90:2014 i've been deprived on kaiyeol so muchieeee this episode was so refreshing for my poor deprived kaiyeol soullll notice how chanyeol doesn't mind when kai points out his ears muahahAHAha i lurve them help me hold me
drawings kung fu panda tigress thank u dreamworks for not putting boobs on the badass tiger lady
anime Anime girl anime boobs
doctor who TARDIS my life time and relative dimension in space whovian TARDIS Collection My TARDIS Collection Thank you Thinkgeek for feeding my obbsession! I spent most of my points on it but I love it!