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Don’t just love to be loved

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ugh i come up with good plots for fic in my head and then when it comes to writing it down
I thought I had you. For a slight moment, I thought I had you. I thought you and I would be different. We became so close in such a short ti...
To Write Scam On Her Arms.
So who exactly is surprised that it turns out that To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) are disgusting sexist, homophobic douches who only really exist to scam emo kids into going to church? I’ve been suspect of these assholes for ages, so I did some research, and it only took me seconds to find out I...
I wrote my first novel because I wanted to read it.
Sleep is temporary death. We wake up reborn and happy that for just a moment in time we didn’t exist.
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What if we all looked the way we wanted? Our ideal weight became reality, our worries about money washed away. Your love life is exactly the way you pictured it. Do you think we’d all be happier? Or would we just find new things to hate?
au in which it isn’t the weasley family walking up to the platform at the same time as harry but the malfoys
  • how to insult regular people:FUCK YOU ASSHOLE GO TO HELL I HOPE YOU DIE IN A HOLE
  • how to insult a tumblr user:i hope your parents find your blog
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whoa a world where dragons are just like butterflies like they hatch out of eggs and are huge larva capterilla things with tons of legs and plate armour and then they cacoon like huge gemstoney type of things from cave walls and then dragons flop out and they squat, scaely moth butterfly like things...
This sentence has five words. Here are five more words. Five-word sentences are fine. But several together become monotonous. Listen to what...