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Writing Help Masterlist (Part 2 of 2)

This is part number 2 of my writing help masterpost. I hope you find the links useful. Here’s part 1.


Weapons, Armor and Fight Scenes
Myths and Supernatural Beings
Mental Health
Physical Health
Emotions and Body Language
Diversity and Represantation
Other Useful Links
Just for Fun


A Mix for Writing Love
A Mix for Characters Who Just Don’t Care
To a Dark Lady-Playlist
Recover Me: A Playlist
Futuristic Fugitive-Playlist
After the Bomb-A Writing Mix
Your Heart Dies-Playlist
Under the Waves-Playlist
Sorrow-A Writing Mix
Devil’s Backbone-Playlist
On Top of the World-Playlist
Writing Playlist-Instrumental
Writing in the Dark-Playlist
Cosmic Love-Playlist
The Final Battle-Playlist
Four Mixes for Four Supernatural Creatures
Slightly Haunted-A Writing Mix
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night-Playlist
Bittersweet-A Selection of Piano Covers
Writing Mixes
I Never Asked for This-Playlist
Background Mix-Caffeinated Music
Cool Writing Mixes
Writing Playlist
Epic Songs to Write to
Young Adventurers-Playlist
On Your Way Home-Playlist
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies-Playlist
Sea Fever-Playlist
Writing Playlist
Writing Mix
Do Androids Dream?-Playlist
I am a Result-Writing Mix
An Inspiration Mix
This is How We Do it-Playlist
Get Shit Done-Playlist
Sad Songs-Writing Mix
Curl Back My Loneliness-Playlist
Love Sucks Anyway-Playlist
Antidote for Anxiety-Playlist
Heart on Fire-Playlist
We Played War With Wooden Swords-Playlist
Rattling Box-A Writing Mix
Innocence Lost-A Writing Mix
Music to Influence You to Write
Summertime Sadness-Playlist
You are Doing Your Best-A Mix for the Emotionally Exhausted
Doomed Queens-Playlist
A Collection of Sad Songs
Unrequited Love-Playlist
Studying: The Disney Way
Songs for Creating Stuff
Mermaid Magic-A Writing Mix
Superpower (Tracklist)
A Writing/Character Inspiration Playlist
Sing it Out Loud-A Playlist
Songs That Will Make You Feel Better
Long Distance Woes-Playlist


Knifes as Weapons
Five Simple Ways to Write Convincing Fight Sequences
On Writing Gun Safety
Gunshot Wounds
Weapons (and Women)
A Guide: Firearms
Wound Types, Stages of Healing, & Treatments
On Children Fighting Adults
Writing Violence Part 2: Cause and Effect
Fight Scene Strategies: The Individual versus Group
Picking a Sword for Your Character
On Weapon Grips
On Guns
Combat Masterlist
Common Sword Types
A Beginner’s Glossary of Terms for Swords
Bang Bang Bangy Bang
An Impossible Guide to… Archery
Guide to Archery
On Wrting Action Scenes


Asian Lung Skeleton Anatomy
Ideas for Dragons
Humans and Dragons
Creatures and More
Myths, Creatures and Folklore
Rare/Underused Supernatural Powers

Masterlist on Zombies
A Masterlist of Mythology and Deity Resources
Creature Feature
Faerie List
Character Development: The Mermaid
Writing Zombies

Guide on Mermaids
Guides on Playing a Mermaid
Sea Creatures
Resources on Merpeople
Magical School Considerations
A Masterlist of Superpowers
Types of Dragons
Types of Dragons
Guide to Ghosts
Robots, Androids and Cyborgs
An Anthology of Mythical Creatures
Everything You Need to Know About Witchcraft and Wicca
A Master List of Superpowers
Mythical Creatures Masterlist
A Guide to Superpowers
My Zombie Apocalypse Posts
Magic Resources
Resources: Dragons
How to Make Your Supernatural Characters Unique and Interesting
Mermaid Anatomy
Let’s Talk About Magic
Fighting with Magic
Myths and Urban Legends Masterpost
Map of the World Mythology


The 1700s
Writing Research-Victorian Era
4 Tips for Setting During World War One [1914 -1918]
Victorian Occupations
Love, Sex and Marriage in the Middle Ages
Writing Research: World War Two
Guide on Etiquette in the 1920’s
Links About 50’s/60’s/70’s
Writing Research-Viking Age
The 90’s (Research)
The Roman Empire
1920’s Entertainment
Slang of the 1920s
World War 2
Historical Fashion Masterpost  
Writing Research - The Fifties
Fashion Through History
Medieval Health and Hygiene
The 90’s
Guide: Life in 1998, 1999, 2000 US
A Masterlist of Medieval Occupations
Fashion Timeline of Chinese Clothing
Resources for Writing Medieval Type Stories
Writing Research: The Middle Ages
Writing Research-The Roaring Twenties
Fashion in History


Characters in Therapy
Hunter’s How To: Writing an Emotionally Detached Character

Understanding Depression in a Friend or Family Member
8 Surefire Ways To Emotionally Screw Up Your Kid
4 Types of Unhealthy Mother-Daughter Relationships
Types of Emotional Abuse

Writing Effective Character Breakdowns
Guide to Anorexia Nervosa
Eating Disorders in Males
Main Characters With Eating Disorders
How to Play a Bulimic
Degrees of Anxiety
Writing a Bulimic Character
How to Play a Traumatised Character
What is Gaslighting?
Writing Masterlist: Abuse Victims
On Abuse
Reactions to Tragedy
A Guide to Self Injury
21 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Depressed
Teens and Major Depression
What to Do When Someone Has a Panic Attack
A Guide to Bipolar Disorder
Emotional Abuse in Relationships
When Anxiety Strikes
An Inside Look at ADHD
On Writing: Psychological Shock
The Things Nobody Tells You About Grief
Anatomy of a Panic Attack
Unhealthy Relationships Without Physical Abuse
On Abusive Romantic Relationships
How to Portray a Character With Bipolar Type 2 Disorder
Portraying Domestic Abuse
A Guide to PTSD: Soldiers
Mental Illness: the Character is Not Their Disorder
Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
Adolescent Psychiatric Wards
Anxiety: A Self-Help Masterpost
Military and PTSD Resources
Guide to Rehab Part 1
Guide to Rehab Part 2
How to Deal With Mental Illness
Bipolar Disorder
Writing Characters: Depression
Sociopathy vs. Psychopathy
Tumblr Mental Health Community
Writing Tips #122: Dealing with Character Trauma
Information on Panic Attacks
This Is a Towel: Mental Disorders
Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD Etc.
Understanding the Trauma of Child Abuse
The Brain in Schizophrenia
On Depression


Bad Writing-Head Injuries
On Hypothermia
Common Allergies in the US
An Impossible Guide to: Blood Loss
Writing Mute Characters
Writing a Character Who’s Mute
Writing Dialogue With Signing Characters
Writing Mute Characters (from Someone Else’s POV)
Writing Characters With Disabilities Who Weren’t Born That Way
A Guide to Sexual and Physical Abuse
Writing Tips: Writing Blood Loss
Where to Pinch to Stop the Bleeding
On Blood Types
Medical Facts Ref of Things Authors Botch Up a Lot
Researching Away from the Internet: Character with Cancer Edition
Figuring Out an Illness for Your Character
Blind Characters
Tips on Writing Deaf and Hard of Hearing Characters
Writing tips: How NOT to write disabled people
A Few Resources for Insomnia
A Few Tips on Making Up Diseases
Guide on Asthma
On Scars
A Study in Physical Injuries
Writing Realistic Injuries
Guide on Prosthetic Limbs
Writing Reference: Sprains and Strains
Factitious Disorders
Remember, Remember: The Basics of Writing Amnesia
A Guide to Sexual and Physical Abuse
Resources: Writing Injuries in Hospitals
Tips and Resources on Blindness
Guide to Writing Deaf and Hard of Hearing Characters
The Limits of the Human Body
Guide to Cancer
Writing Reference: Food Poisoning
Writing Reference: Instect Bites and Stings
5 Step Guide on Writing Character With X Disorder or X Disease
On Strangling
A Study on Amnesia
On Head Wounds
Tips on Writing Pain
Writing Traumatic Injuries References
Asthma for Writers


Writing Fear
On Emotions
Emotions-Where You Feel Them
Writing Emotional Scenes
References on Emotions
Feelings Extrapolated-The Roots to Your Character’s Emotions
Talk About Yer Damn Feelings, People
The Emotional Guidance Scale
41 Emotions as Expressed Through Body Language
Tips and Tricks: Five Tips to Emotionally Connect to Your Readers
Writing Violence Part 1: Developing Characters and Comfort Levels
Expressing Emotion Through Your Writing
10 Psychological Effects of Nonsexual Touch
Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Effects
The Psychology of Color
Types of Crying
Body Language Cheat Sheet for Writers
A Wheel of Emotions
The Importance of Body Language
Physical Signs of Fear
Emotions: Writing Grief
Body Language: What Eyes Can Tell You
A Guide on Body Language
Intensity of Feelings
Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language
A Body Language Masterlist
Body Language Secrets
Body Language Reference Sheet
Emotions: Showing Surprise
Showing Emotion: Anger
Body Language Cheat Sheet for Writers
On Touch
Body Language: Eyes
Writing Fear
Writing Guilt
Five Ways to Describe Emotion
Five Things You Should Know About Body Language
6 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid


Strong Female Characters
POC Profile (x)(x)(x)(x)
Interracial Relationships
Black People Skin Tones
Writing a Half-Mexican Character
It’s Hard to See Racism When You’re White
Black in Upper-Class White Society
Black Woman Hair
Black Characters and Blushing
Writing Latinas
Common Mircro-agressions: African Americans and/or Black People
POCs in Victorian England
Tests for Representation
Romance Doesn’t (Have To) Equal Weakness
Links to Feminist Essays, Videos and More
On Strong Female Characters
A Comic About Strong Female Characters
Racism Experience by Class
Introducing Race & Skin Color Naturally
Black Women and The Secrets of Nightly Hair Care Rituals
Interracial Relationships
Drawing References on Ethnicity
A Few Tips and Resources for Writing Characters of Color
Describing Skin Tone
Describing Chinese Girls
Female Character, Trauma and You
Describing Skin Colors
Tip: Women are Not Weaker Than Men
More Improvements: Female Characters 
Diversifying Sexual Identification and Romantic Expression in Your Writing


On Writing Kisses
Character Drawcember
Glossary of Dance Terminology
Things That People in Society Frown Upon
Art/Digital Art Help Masterpost
Naming is Hard
Naming Your Infection
Wine 101
Guide to: White Collar Crimes
Police Procedure
The English School System
How to Unlock a Car With a Shoelace
Earthquakes Pt 1 Daytime/Nightime
Earthquake Pt 2 Houses, Buildings, and Immediate Consequences
Writing Dynamo
Free Downloadable Sofftware for Writers
Essential Productivity Apps for Any Students
60 Awesome Search Engines for Serious Writers
Background Noise
Finding Out About a Crush
On Arranged Marriages
All About Luvree
What Not to Do When Writing Romantic Relationships
Emergency Custody and Social Services
American Middle School
A Guide to Expeditionary Learning Schools
A Guide to: University in England
Boarding Schools
Autistic Children
College in the US
Guide to Private, Preparatory and Catholic School
Guide on Private or Boarding Schools
Writing a Character Who Attends Public High School
A Guide to Writing Catholic Schools
Resources: Military Academy/Military School
Writing a Story That Takes Place in a Boarding School
Applying for a University
Guide: Life for American High School/College Students
Australian and U.K. School Systems
A Guide on…School Systems
Custody Battles
Story Elements: Adoption
Writing About the Criminal World
How Would One Go About Writing a Riot Scene?
Crime Fiction Writing Research
Writing Help on How to Turn On a Guy Whilst Making Out
The Things You Hear About Boarding School-True or False?
Education in Britain
Education in the US
Education System in Ireland
US Universities
Foreshadowing Death
Writing a Death Scene
On Autopsy
Death and Bad Luck Omens
Writing Murder Scenes
Guide: Pregnancy
On Writing Birthing Scenes
Death and Gravestone Symbolism
Reacting to the Death of a Loved One
Write an Ironic Death
Don’t Talk to Police
Cliche First Sentences
Everything You Need to Know to Rebuild Civilization from Scratch
Clothing References
Size Comparison Site
On Clothing and Makeup
Writing a Feud
Advice: Describing Dance
What Happens When an Asteroid Hits Earth
Tips for Writing a Birth Scene
Random Generator Masterlist
A List of Generators
Fun Generators!
A Guide on Science
Medieval Herbs and Their Uses
How to Write a Death Scene
How to Write a Dance Scene (Waltz)
British Words
Essential Items for Crime Scene Personnel
Masterlist: Police Work/Law Enforcment UK
Comprehensive Sex Education
Masterpost of the World’s Scariest Places
The Ultimate Survival Guide
New Zealand as an RP Location
Writing Asperger’s
Creepy Wikipedia Articles Masterpost
British English Vs American English
Masterlist of Cliques
Guide to Catholic/Private High School
Writing a Torture Scene
Guide to Poison
Conspiracy Theories
Crime Scene Practice (UK)
Tattooo Ink and Pigment
On Writing Survival: First Steps
Location of Your Roleplay as a Character
How to Preach to Your Audience and Not Get Caught
The Color Thesaurus
Facts About Tattoos and Piercings
Shades of Various Colors
Masterlist of Resources: Horse Riding
9 Types of Intelligence
Story Starters and Idea Generators
Trigger Warnings
Resources About Tattoos
A Guide on Alcohol
The English (Upper) Schooling System
The American School System
The 21 Steps of an Autopsy
Guide to Interrogations
The Effects of Abuse and Heartbreak on Children
Resources on Foster Care and Color Blindness
Things Almost Every Author Needs to Research
About Tattoos
Writing Pregnancy
Information on Drugs
Survive Nature
A Few Links on Drug Addiction
15 Styles of Distorted Thinking
Roleplaying Relationships
Let’s Talk About: Writing About High School (U.S.)
Advice: Good and Bad Reasons to Kill a Character
Writing Tips 77: Naomi’s Advice for Writing Abusive Relationships
Organizing Thoughts
10 Things Writer’s Don’t Know About the Woods
The Ultimate Shoes Fashion Vocabulary
Description: Kissing and Smiling
Visual Shoe Dictionary
Sun & Moon Superstitions
A Guide to Musical Instruments, Orchestras Etc.
Young Murder Witnesses
On Romantic Relationship Growth
Superstitions & More
First Impressions (Romance)
Confessions Sans Cliches
Celtic Tree Zodiac
Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship
Symbolism with Roses
Tips on Describing Music
Characters Dealing With Loss
Methods of Death and How They Feel
The Effects of Alcohol on the Body
Resources on Fire
Awesome Sites and Links for Writers
The US High School System
Tips for Writers: Body Language
Describing Clothes and Appearance
Witness Protection
All About Death
Tips on Writing a Scene Where the Character Is Eating
Plant Symbolism
Alcoholic Beverage Breakdown
Survival Skills
Tattoos Reference Sheet
Information on Ballet Dancing
Writing Death Scenes
Reactions of Relatives of People Who Suffer from Terminal Illnesses
On Custody Battles
On Fire
The Psychology of Color
Stuff Nobody Tells You About Getting an Apartment
Signs of a Healthy Relationship
“World of Averages”


Mutant Generator
All-Nighter Survival Kit
The 50 Funniest Puns In The History Of Funny Puns
Really Bad Analogies Written by High School Students
Love Letters From Your Writing
Words Used to Describe Genitals
Click and Drag to Find Out What Your Next Best Seller Will Be
Cat Tail Speak
What to Pack to Travel the World
What’s Your Forest Name?
Harry Potter Click and Drag Game
Insult Generator
The Ultimate Insult Creator
Why Tea is Magical

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Writing Help Masterlist (Part 2 of 2)
This is part number 2 of my writing help masterpost. I hope you find the links useful. Here’s part 1.CONTENTSPlaylistsWeapons, Armor and Fight ScenesMyths and Supernatural BeingsHistoryMental HealthPhysical HealthEmotions and Body LanguageDiversity and RepresantationOther Useful LinksJust for Fun PL...
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