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  • light yagami:I AM JUSTICE
  • soichiro yagami:hi justice, i'm dad
art But oh well long post free! nagisa hazuki rei ryugazaki nagirei art: free reigise this has probably been done before a million times
myedit Teen Wolf Sterek twedit but i wanted to make something this is horrible idk even if it has been done a million times before!!!!!!1
uploads lyrics edit all time low 10k weightless Alex Gaskarth idk if this has been done before but yolo
my gifs tom hiddleston Hawkeye Jeremy Renner hiddles henry v the hollow crown idk if this has been done or not but oh well
"Hey, do you wanna come over and watch Disney movi—"
american horror story: school
trust is sending an ugly snapchat for ten seconds
request photoshopped Bob's Burgers bobs burgers tina belcher jayallebasi full bars i've been so bad about gifs lately ugh gosh i'm sorry and my inbox is just filling up and shoot man idk
my gifs doctor who parallels Rose Tyler 10th doctor IT HAD TO BE DONE journey's end my things otp: i believe in her tentoo school reunion otp: forever dwedit otp: together dredits rtdedit idk if this has been done before? I never saw it so here it is I really like this colouring for once lol I'm really proud of this one tbh specially because of the last one and your tags give me life lol
harry potter doctor who voldemort hpgif hpedit sphgif doctor who reference nearlyheadlessfinnick idk if this has been done before so tell me if someone has
hey look its me topless