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I’m a 20 year old woman, and I’m bed bound with post-brachial plexus injury neuropathy, and nerve and brain inflammation. For months at a time, I’m stuck in my room, and I’m completely unable to lift my head off the bed. I had to move into private housing after I was recently evicted. This has left me constantly on the verge of running out of money and becoming homeless. [Full outline of costs].

Most recently, my temporary accommodation has suddenly told me I need to move out by 8th Oct. I need to pay my paramedic bills, to guarantee moving out on time with vital safe transportation. Without this, my spine would suffer catastrophic damage. Due to a series of recent medical appointments, my paramedic bill would be in the thousands by now.

My friend Tahira is now offering commissions as rewards for donating. There are more artwork examples and full details at this link. Commissions include full body illustrations, headshots, canvas paintings, and cosplay props.  Please consider making a small donation or reblogging this post, thank you!

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If someone doesn’t “seem” disabled to you, maybe it’s because they’ve been forced to develop a huge and complex system of coping mechanisms in order to try and survive in an ableist world. It’s probably that.
Ableism is connected to all of our struggles because it undergirds notions of whose bodies are considered valuable, desirable and disposable...
The horrible dichotomy of having to prove you’re disabled/sick enough but not too disabled/sick. #AcademicAbleism
When a spoonie says they wish they could work but they can’t, and you say something like “I work my ass off” or “I’m exhausted/in pain/don’t want to either but I push myself”, you can bet your ass they’re filing that away in their minds and they’...
Dear Healthy People
Weirdly enough, we sick people know most of medications are bad for us. We know our painkillers fuck with our liver. However some of us would be crying and vomiting in pain, unable to walk without them. We do not need your uninformed opinions, stating painkillers are mostly shit, that they only wor...
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Disabled people don’t have special needs. We have very reasonable human needs. Our needs include freedom from abuse, violence, and mistreatm...
Just to make it clear
You can be able to walk & still need a wheelchair.
The New York Times is officially reporting that mass shootings could be prevented if the mentally ill just had less privacy and were easier to forcibly hospitalize, proving once again that the non-mentally ill are the most dangerous people of all.
Things You Can do to Help Disabled People That Don't Cost A Cent
Do not talk about an obviously disabled person in front of them as if they can’t hear or understand you. Do not talk to a disabled person’s companion instead of them.   Ask permission before touching people, or their wheelchairs/other equipment. Even if you want to help. Ask disabled peo...
college is catered towards the able bodied and able minded. school applauds people who can stay up all night, skip meals, and work endlessly. that kind of extreme contribution is expected. why are disabled people being squeezed out of academic institutions? why should I feel inferior because of some...
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