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  • person:i dont really like uptown funk
  • me:stop
  • me:wait a minute
amber f(x) Krystal Luna Victoria type: edit group: f(x) f(x): luna edit: f(x) f(x): victoria f(x): amber f(x): krystal
When ur Otp are about to kiss, but they don’t
amber f(x) Krystal sulli Luna Victoria f(x) krystal f(x) sulli F(X) Victoria F(x) Amber F(x) Luna
Do you love yourself? I ask you this both seriously and sincerely. So do you? Are you proud of where you sit in this moment? Have you sacrif...
rex x rex-x sincerely
Mega Man Mega Man X megaman rockman megaman x rockman x
funny x men wolwerine x men wolverine first movie x men x men 2000
anime x-hentai
anime x-hentai
summary of every x-men movie ever