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The 31 Realest Tumblr Posts About Being A Women

*stands up*


*applauds forever*

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y'all are an inspiration
lorde will wake up tomorrow and say ‘wow I’m 17 and I was nominated for a grammy’ and you’re gonna wake up tomorrow and go to school where half of the people hate you and the other half don’t know your name and you’re gonna bitch about her being nominated for a gr...
People now are like, “Your right to free speech doesn’t mean you can express an offensive opinion” Like what the fuck does right to free speech mean, then?
dear followers, y'all are beautiful as fuck.
[mutual reblogs a post i made] [checks their tags] [nothing]  
mine myedit why Marvel ant man but more importantly marveledit ant man spoilers antmanedit antman spoilers i made a gifset of an ant y'all what the fuck are the dimensions for a 3x3 photoset because the middle gif is blurry
y'all is short for Yeehaw to All, an ancient cowboy greeting
dont tell me musical theater won’t be useful in the future when jean valjean managed to sing and choreograph his way out of being arrested like three times
louis tomlinson 1k Harry Styles Zayn Malik boys mine Zayn 500 requests low quality vids are my biggest enemy sorry about the quality y'all
krampus he's coming hope y'all are ready
Zayn Malik * manip I'm ready for this ARE Y'ALL???
1k Empire jamal lyon WHY ARE Y'ALL LIKE THIS Twitter was too much tonight GOD