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Send kissed! and my character will react to receiving this type of kiss from yours…
(some NSFW apply!)


(opposite of this meme)

  1. eskimo kiss
  2. french kiss
  3. single-lip kiss
  4. palm kiss
  5. earlobe kiss
  6. upside-down/Spiderman kiss
  7. lingering kiss
  8. butterfly kiss
  9. cheek kiss
  10. chasing-after kiss
  11. shoulder kiss
  12. bottom lip kiss
  13. make out
  14. passionate kiss
  15. foot kiss
  16. peck
  17. nose kiss
  18. all over kiss(es)
  19. aggressive kiss
  20. stomach kiss
  21. hip kiss
  22. kiss in the rain
  23. sleepy kiss
  24. breathy kiss
  25. back kiss
  26. pulse kiss
  27. tickle kiss
  28. nibble kiss
  29. bubble gum exchange kiss
  30. NSFW! australian kiss
  31. surprise kiss
  32. lizard kiss
  33. slow kiss
  34. neck-lick kiss
  35. tracing kiss
  36. underwater kiss
  37. thigh kiss
  38. tackle kiss
  39. air kiss/blow a kiss
  40. hand kiss
  41. sensual kiss
  42. temple kiss
  43. bite (lip) kiss
  44. purring kiss
  45. body kisses
  46. buzzing kiss
  47. hard kiss
  48. hit-and-run kiss
  49. sad kiss
  50. cute kiss
  51. find-their-lips-in-the-dark kiss
  52. lip trace kiss
  53. rolling tongue kiss
  54. dizzy kiss
  55. deep throat kiss
  56. up the spine kiss
  57. collarbone kiss
  58. neck kiss
  59. romantic kiss
  60. long kiss
  61. bambi kiss
  62. hickey 
  63. jawline kiss
  64. forehead kiss
  65. tease

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Send kissed! and my character will react to receiving this type of kiss from yours… (some NSFW apply!) #1-65 (opposite of this meme) eskimo kiss french kiss single-lip kiss palm kiss earlobe kiss upside-down/Spiderman kiss lingering kiss butterfly kiss cheek kiss chasing-after kiss shoulder...
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