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youth islam Gods NOI Nation of Islam Young Muslims Black Muslims
Muslims: please be safe and take precaution at your mosques this weekend - October 9th & 10th of 201...
There are supposed to be anti-muslim rallies this weekend, October 9th and 10th of 2015 in opposition to the Justice or Else! event on October 10th in Washington D.C. An anti-muslim organization is planning to rally in front of mosques and it doesn’t seem to matter if the mosques are a part of the N...
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Islam: a religion of peace or terrorism?
“There is a question I feared having to answer lately. It is the following: If Islam is indeed a religion of peace, if terrorism does not originate from Islam, then how do you explain ISIS (or any other of such groups of mad men). I was scared to answer because, to be honest, I didn’t know how...
Saudi Arabia and Indonesia just announced that, per the sighting of the moon, Ramadan begins SUNDAY, JUNE 29TH, NOT SATURDAY, JUNE 28TH. Please send this around so that people are aware and don’t accidentally start fasting one day early!!! Thank you!!!
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If you wear a hijab, niqab or even burqa, don’t expect me to take you seriously if you tell me how free and liberated you are.
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  • What I said:I'm Muslim.
  • What you think I said:You're all infidels, you're all going to hell. Osama bin Laden is my hero. I support terrorism. I'm going to kill you and your family and every other infidel like you. I hate everybody except other Muslims and I'm better than you and you're all going to hell and I hate your freedom.
  • What I meant:I believe in one God and all the other prophets before prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all). I try to be a better person for everyday that goes for the sake of God. I believe non-Muslims are my brothers and sisters in humanity and only God knows who is going where after we die. I choose to be a Muslim because I believe the Quran is the word of God and I respect your (non)religious beliefs and I wish you all the best. Peace.
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