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Presenting, A New Forum for the RPG maker/horror fandom!!

This new site is called RPGMT, made by an anon who goes by Vanitas sent this message to multiple of the famous RPG horror blogs as an introduction for the fandom to get into RPGMT!

(The forum was an attempt to bring the fandom back together after all the drama that had happened)

The forum features a cute interface as well as a variety of different activities to choose from!

Unlike other RPG maker game forums, this one focuses more on the fandom and not game development itself (Although, they do serve that option too~) , Fandom-focused, meaning there are game discussion threads, Game Reviews, Demo Reviews, roleplay threads, and many more options to choose from! 

Also, like I said, there are also Game Development threads where you can go look for Artists, Programmers, Writers, Musicians, Voice Actors as well as discuss Game promotions, Writing Discussions and RPG Maker help threads!

And lastly, there is the cute little thing called Collectibles, in here, you will randomly get a sprite from a character of an RPG horror game!, You could get Ellen, Garry, Ib or all the other RPG Horror Protags! You can also trade with your friends if you got someone you don’t like!

Go join RPGMT now! The first, fandom-focused RPG maker Forums!

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The wait is over! New RPG horrors masterlist version 0.9 is finally here! The update hosts numerous “not-yet-given” info that you wouldn’t find on just the devblog, It’s a very interesting read!Anyway, What’s was added in this awesome new update!? Well, each game now also has:No of EndingsNo of Chap...
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(Direct Download) Over a year after the release of version 1.02 (and a little less than a year after the release of my translation), Ib has been updated to version 1.04. (1.03 was...
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