• zayn's first ig account zarryismyrock •


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zayn's first ig account
One Direction on MTV My First Time 31/08/12
mine im in luv with their account omg
gifs lt gifs *ltgifs appreciatelouis the first gif lmaooo and zayn's smile lmaoo
exo Kai Graphic i'm crying sehun sekai kaihun exo instagram sehun instagram maybe jongin doesn't really need an ig account because sehun updates on behalf of him my sekai feels ;A;
first ot5 selfie of OTRA! 
pop ig first love
pop ig march first love
Zayn's Birthday
You Have till January 12th to Reblog/like Will be screen shotted and sent to him
Let's list Zayn's tattoos
This one This one And then this one Oh and don’t forget And this one too Oh and this adorable one And this cute one too And this VERY creative one
Zayn's face though
and of course my personal favourite
no matter what happens from now on, we’re all in this together, okay? we all share the same heartbreak right now and I love you all