• ze:a Siwan misaeng this ep was just...... woong-jae •

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ze:a Siwan misaeng this ep was just......
edits okay why do you do this to me to the beautiful you Lee Hyun Woo ermehgawd JUST GO TO YOUR SIWAN
1k Outlander outlanderedit my gifs [5] Geillis Duncan mine [10] ol: 111 outlander spoilers // ned gowan gOD lotte was sooooo good this ep i just !!
naruto naruto uzumaki gaara akatsuki deidara Mecha Naruto WHAT THE FACKKKK this ep was actually funny lol
mine legend of korra lok lok spoilers this was so nice asami i just i hope they aren't just wrapping this up in one ep
my gif The Following valorie curry emma hill sam underwood poor Mark mark gray wtf emma it's not that hard to understand and then she just calls him a nutjob like thanks he was just toooooo adorkable this ep *following
I'll Just Wait (Supernatural Musical)
Supernatural  SPNX
I’ll Just Wait Here ThenĀ  Destiel Tribute from Supernatural: The Musical (...
lok spoilers she didnt talk this ep but this shot was pure gold
woohyun infinite sungyeol 1000 19900105 gif wooyeol high school love on LMAO THIS SCNE yeol tries to burn woohyun but woohyun gets him back THE LINES ARE HONESTLY GENIOUS IN THIS DRAMA in another scene woohyun was like i wasnt eavesdropping i just have ears ISNT THAT JUST GENIOUS EP 2 WAS GREAT
castiel *mine DEANCAS Uriel naomi hester samandriel spnedit ep: Goodbye Stranger ep: reading is fundamental ep: what's up tiger mommy angels are just so fascinating if i could write meta i'd write lenghts about this ep: heaven and hell only sorta
game of thrones robb stark richard madden asoiaf jon snow kit harington my gifs2 [SOBBING] and it just makes me so sad this makes me sad :'-( you can just see it in their faces that this moment would be the last time they'll ever see each other im still not over about that red wedding ep and this was so hard to colour omg i hate gloomy-light scenes
mine sherlock sherlock spoilers sally donovan greg lestrade SherlockEdit sallydonovan interndana Greg x Sally don't laugh at me i'm not even done with the ep i just i had to pause in the middle of the wedding bc i was crying too much omg so i'm making gifs and then i'll go back to the ep??? i'M THE WORST this scene was hell to color and then i just gave up whatev \m/