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When writing female warrior characters, learn from Xena.
You know what Xena never did? Say she wasn’t like other girls. Put down typically ‘feminine’ skills Say that her enemies ‘hit like a girl’ or mocked them by saying ‘they got beaten by a girl.’ Judged other women by their preferences or lifestyles. Xena was strong not because she was like a man, but ...
A moment of silence for the parents who laughed off a bet and will now have to buy weird-ass pets because their kid mobilized an army of the most absurd minds on the internet.
When you discover that these two: Were married in Love Actually
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Basic Horror Writing Guide
Genre: What is Horror? Horror is a genre with the intention of scaring the reader. Sub-genres: Aliens: Think Signs or The Fourth Kind. This genre crosses over with science fiction, but is primarily horror because it focuses on the fear people have for the extraterrestrial. Creepy Children: As the t...
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  • Russia:You can do anything you put your mind to.
  • China:You are here for a reason.
  • Japan:It's okay to be proud of yourself.
  • Prussia:Things CAN always get worse, but they WILL always get better.
  • Germany:No one can define you but yourself.
  • Italy:It's okay to cry sometimes.
  • Romano:Your feelings are always valid.
  • Spain:Find something to smile about--it always helps!
  • ...
Things Public School Kids Take Way Too Seriously
Jeopardy Review Games Kickball Spirit Week
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Heartbreak For Two
5 Seconds Of Summer 
Can we discuss this more bc send help (this was the best version)
My New Video “Stripping In Public Prank” is out&...
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