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When in doubt, practice When happy, practice When cold, practice When sad, practice When sick, practice When no inspiration, practice When supposed to be doing homework, practice When scheming to take over the world, practice When summoning minor demons, practice When accidentally starting apocal...
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1000 !gifs private practice amelia shepherd caterina scorsone mine: private practice
1000 !gifs private practice amelia shepherd caterina scorsone mine: private practice
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So I’m in my friends practice room and she’s playing her clarinet doin her thang and it sounds really good to me but every 20-30 seconds she stops and aggressively whispers FUCK then just keeps going and I think that’s essentially what practicing is.
Daily practice tools for artists
It’s hard to find guided practice tools for artists, so here’s what I’ve been able to find. Feel free to add your own and build this list.  Figure Drawing Practice  Animal Drawing Practice Quickposes.com Posemaniacs.com Wysp Practices (some of this needs payment, some is free)
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drake practice
LOL Drake mine ovo practice drake gif
~ Grey's Anatomy private practice addison montgomery thank u for existing i'll miss u (even though this isn't private practice)
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Swan Queen practice reference used
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