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Just a friendly reminder that Rose Tyler merged with the Heart of the TARDIS, left herself messages through time and space that helped her to save the Doctor, Jack Harkness, and the entire human race, eliminated a whole fleet of Daleks, and survived. And yet she is often referred to as the Doctor...
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you know what pisses me off? Russia’s hair just look look closely at that hair notice anything? maybe anything like how it NEVER GOES IN THE SAME DIRECTION? and this is all official art I swear! but do you have any idea how hard it is to get a proper damn reference picture ...
my edits exo EXO-K D.O. Kyungsoo d.o hes a precious bb
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This should be posted forever and always.
Shinee Minho crying like a baby~ so cute! Credit — Ahh~ I knew Minho had an awesome cryface. Little bb~. ?
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