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Things pregnant women should be applauded for: Walking up stairs Rolling over in bed Getting out of bed Not peeing for over an hour Tying their shoe laces Getting dressed Keeping their cool Getting out of the bath Not flinching at rib kicks Not peeing when sneezing Not eating everything unhealthy t...
Imagine your OTP lying in bed together, person B is a couple moths pregnant and is lightly showing and Person A is gently stroking their stomach while planting kisses on Person B’s lips and cheeks.
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50 Cent’s mom was 15 years old when he was born.  Jared Leto’s mom was a teenager who dropped out of high school.  Selena Gomez was born to a 16 year old single mom. Oprah’s mom was 18 years old when she gave birth. Obama’s mom was 18 years old, too.  Don’t you dare tel...
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people who say ‘oh you’ll change your mind about never getting pregnant’ are definitely some of my least favorite people
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trigger warnings apply!(rape, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, the whole shebang)“Something’s wrong with the baby. I can feel it. We need to get to a hospital right now.”“You can’t get an abortion! I forbid it!”“Do you even know who the father is? One of your hundreds of ‘clients’?!”“That baby has no f...
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