• pretty ladies •
mine glee santana lopez naya rivera hehehe snix gets the ladies posting this late because i'm pretty sure i'm the only one who thinks this is kind of funny snix gets the ladies tho
gif pretty truth girl quote Black and White text sexy taylor momsen hell rock words singer blonde punk Ladies emo rock n roll gothic metal gentelman
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One Direction Niall Horan o 2012: usa pretty ladies
mine 420 pretty pipe spent the evening in SF mahvelous morning with my lovely ladies
sorry comics Marvel marveledit marvel ladies ugh this is what happens when i can't sleep i wanted to gif~~ everyone but i didn't know what to do so yeah just an excuse to post my fav ladies cause the AA art is so pretty! *-* *mine: edit
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Harry Styles One Direction o hs 2012: home pretty ladies ive been trying to post this for the past 10 mins WORK ALREADY
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mine dean winchester spn spnedit gwen campbell marycambels ep: exile on main st. i tried to color this bright and pretty but it was too grainy sighh anyway still taking spn ladies gif requests hmu~
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Illustration princess feminism flower crown pretty ladies subversive kawaii daggers Terra Keck princess against the patriarcy can you tell I was looking at Ericka Lugo Because I was stuff for work
1k Ladies epilepsy tw femaleidols by topford i tried putting everyone in here i'm pretty sure i'm missing some important ppl :( i'm sorry :(((
kaya scodelario news rosa salazar nathalie emmanuel katherine mcnamara tst cast
galadriel hobbitedit tauriel *5k the battle of the five armies botfaspoilers botfa screener THE LAKETOWN LADIES ARE AMAZING CAN I GET AN AMEN idk i like this quote so much so i thought id put it with ladies i like a lot :)