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Pro-choice: “I want you to be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want with your own body, because it’s yours and what you do doesn’t effect me at all.” Pro-life: “I want my own personal beliefs and opinions to dictate what you can and cannot do with your own bod...
Do you feel as though you have the right to decide whether or not an abortion is okay? If you answered yes, I need you to answer one question for me: are you the pregnant person choosing abortion for yourself? No? Then it’s none of your fucking business.
Abortion Rides
Last week I received a message from an anon who was sexually assaulted, pregnant, and needed an abortion, but had no ride. She lived in the area so, I decided to bring her myself. Her grandmother was very grateful that I was able to help and said she wished there were more people like me out there. ...
NEWSFLASH: You can be pro-choice and be a mother. You can be pro-choice and support adoption. You can be pro-choice and never get an abortion/be against abortion for yourself. You can be pro-choice and think abortions are gross and scary. Pro-choice does not automatically mean you have to love abort...
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Gimme a break, If you think you’re oh so righteous, use the actual term. It’s called abortion.  It makes you “Pro-Abortion”. I hate euphemisms for a reason.
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  • pro-lifer:babies feel pain at eight weeks!!!
  • me:there are literally more than a dozen scientific articles that have crushed that myth about fetal pain.
  • pro-lifer:uhm sweetie, you may have a multitude of reliable info, but i got one source from a pro-life website so babies feel pain at eight weeks:)
For #RoeAt40, all of my favorite pro-choice resources
As my long-time readers know, abortion is an issue I’m very passionate about. So passionate that I have a bookmarks folder simply labeled “Abortion” that has about 75 links in it. For your edification, some of my favorite response to pro-life ignorance: “Banning abortions wou...
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When I say I'm pro-choice, I mean pro-CHOICE.
No matter what that choice may be, whether it’s adoption, parenting or abortion. No one should be forced or coerced in regards to their reproductive health, no matter what. Period.
When politicians try to pass pro-life legislation
When I say I'm pro-life...
It doesn’t mean I’m religious. Because I’m not.It doesn’t mean I hate LGBT community. Because I am a supporter.It doesn’t mean I force women to give birth. Because I never will.Take what you want from my blog, but never assume I’m just your stereotypical pro-lifer...
GoFundMe are anti-choice pieces of shit
They delete the accounts of people who raise money for abortions on the site, while they leave up campaigns to raise money for anti-choice organizations.If you need to raise money for an abortion, use GiveForward, IndieGoGo Life, or FundAnything instead (actually, just use PayPal and list it as medi...
This is an open letter to the pro-life movement Stop fetishizing rape. Stop saying babies conceived during rape are a blessing. Stop saying babies deserve a chance despite the sins of their ‘father’. Stop saying rape creates extraordinary people Stop making up lies that abortion wi...
I Am Pro-Choice
I am pro choice because 51% (6.6 million) of pregnancies in the US are unintended, and I have no right to tell women to just “stop having sex.” Neither do you. I am pro choice because being a parent, especially a single parent, is extremely difficult. In 2009, only 41.2% of single parent...