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This is crazy, some of these girls are smack yo momma hot, but they make an ugly face and they become… well, smack yo momma ugly =D Read more
Link clicky YESS!!
Click here for the goods Wow none y'all gonna belee dis 4 real
Is there life after death? Here is some compelling evidence. Hope, even. Read More Wow, just wow.
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Read More loooooooooove it
Brutalist architecture is a really sweet style of building that looks like it’s right out of the future. These buildings are REALLY cool looking Read More #3 Georgian Minis...
You won’t believe how freaking BIZARRE these animals look naked This is really creepy actually WELL I’LL BE HAVING ME A NIGHTMARE TONIGHT
Read more this is so hilarious!!
Babies dressed up in some of the most adorable outfits you can imagine Read More i want to make baby #2 MINE
I can’t decide whether to eat it or to kill it Food clicky OHHHHH SHEEEEIT THIS IS AWESOME!
Sauce Freaking wow
These are animals combined with OTHER animals that you won’t believe really exist! Read More Oh mah god this would make the most awesome, creepy pet store ever
It’s amazing the stuff Japan sells to people over there! Read More This whole thing had me thinking WTF
Jensen Ackles mine* chuckthealmighty joharvele promos*
Faception… photoshopping one weird face on everybody in a group of people. Some of these are neat, and some are just plain HILARIOUS Read more
This is a pile of pics of people with real life cat-beards, no photoshop needed! Yes it’s weird, and so are they. Who would’ve thought you’d find weird things o...
It’s like, bad, but in a good and hilarious way, you know? [Link] I DIG