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my stuff game of thrones asoiaf Arya Stark Sansa Stark sophie turner maisy williams ps got
gif Demi Lovato HEART ATTACK ps: i got my new goal my psd pack is coming..
my stuff game of thrones Jaime Lannister Brienne of Tarth Jaime x Brienne ps got
~ The Hunger Games isabelle fuhrman Clove first edit since my pc got reformatted ugh idk how to ps anymore
Dongwoon Doojoon Hyunseung Junhyung Kikwang Yoseob ps beast b2st gikwang gif:mine i got lazy towards the end lulz edit:mine
help my stuff game of thrones Arya Stark Cersei Lannister Sansa Stark catelyn stark HOW DID THIS HAPPEN Brienne of Tarth mine: got wait i went to PS to fix a cap for an essay this is basically my vid in the form of ugly gifs
my stuff game of thrones asoiaf Sansa Stark margaery tyrell sophie turner natalie dormer ps got
photoset gif 1k *** 5sos 5 seconds of summer Ashton Irwin the coloring is awful i'm so sorry but hey i got a new version of ps and i'm in love
1k harry potter Daniel Radcliffe film MY EDIT philosopher's stone ps hp ss sorcerer's stone hpedit
* game of thrones got WOWOOWWW idek?? just random rough drafts in ps let's call it part one of stark vengeance gifs yeah? it all started with that rickon gif and then i added bran and then winterfell burning baww anyway yeah this is whack w/E
johndave comix obviously the goal here was to give them the worst t shirts possible lately ive been unable to draw so i apologize for the scarcity of updates ps dave actually spent literal hours practicing in front of a mirror hes got this courting bizz down to a t t for terrific not enough people use the word terrific
*** ugh caroline forbes klaroline klaus mikaelson otp: i dare you i stILL CANNOT askldjfalskdfja lemme just cry at the perfect that is you two that was so worth the wait ~btw ps closed midway through this and i hadnt saved hahahahahhaha fml
j.k. rowling the casual vacancy
* gifs* Teen Wolf Scott McCall 'scott's sO du mb' shut the fuck up he might be good and whole hearted and occasionally blinded by love but he's not stupid he has a job at a veterinary which takes training and knowledge he is in lydia 'future fields medal genius' martin's math class he got a d- on his homework which the teacher wrote was not like him (ps he only got that d- because he just got turned into a fUCKING WEREWOLF) he's also the one that realised the kanima only kills who he's told to and these are only examples i thought of on the spot so you think fucking twice when you say shit about how dumb scott mccall is
gifs~ <3 christmas presents BTVS buffy summers mine: btvs sleepwakehope bamf buffy this took me hours bc i had to dwnld some episodes and ps was irritating but i got it done (: and this is the last of the christmas presents bc only two people asked for one
link q legend of zelda the legend of zelda twilight princess gifs:loz lozgraphics man these looked so much better in ps then once i turned them into gifs they got all dotty and stuff ://
1k mine disney frozen Disneyedit elsa frozenedit nols adventures in ps i was gonna wait for the digital copy to make gifs but i'm so damn impatient also i really like how the coloring came out on the colored gifs fuck yeah btw i got spoiled for the latest sherlock episode and i'm like should i even bother to watch the new season when it comes out here like i pretty much know everything now
* 1kplus gif* i died lizzie bennet diaries the lizzie bennet diaries Ashley Clements Daniel Vincent Gordh sigh :) whatstrending dvg: making me fall in love with him each time i see him ps: sorry these are so bad x.x the quality wasn't TOO great but still worth it to see these oh damn this got to 2k wow