• psa the second one took me an hour to make bc the coLORS WOULDN'T WORK BC TOO BRIGHT FOR TUMBLR •
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan * mh hahahaHAHAHAHAH DUMBEST IDIOT psa the second one took me an hour to make bc the coLORS WOULDN'T WORK BC TOO BRIGHT FOR TUMBLR so i had a fit a hiSSY FIT all over twitter yeah that's it tho bye
gif Skyrim myedit the elder scrolls TES skyrimedit Mehrunes Dagon tesedit gamingedit mehrunes' razor i'm upset bc the last gifs i made i reduced to 164 colours bc it wouldn't work otherwise bUT in realilty it was just too many frames I DIDN'T make the sAme mistake on this one AND I was able to make it pretty yay
* taylor swift tswiftedit is this okay lol it took me an hour bc i couldnt find good pictures i am so picky and i had to use a rolling stone photo for 1989 bc the 3 pics from the album promo thing had white bgs SO that means u couldnt see the logo at all
gif Twenty One Pilots it took like an hour to make this bc my ps is broken
gif 1k sunggyu sungjong myungsoo woohyun infinite sungyeol Dongwoo Hoya lol bye this took me an hour to make bc my laptop was so slow
mine greg over the garden wall wirt otgw the second one took so long ohmygod im laughing these are all fro the first episode bc i was too lazy to find scenes in the others
Niall Horan multipic it took me an hour to make this simply because i started crying in the middle patriotism makes us one
my gif mine panic! at the disco panic at the disco p!atd patd weeeee decent post and its transparent! yeah for some reason this got a lot of notes and idk why its literally just a gif of p!atd with changing colors like it took me about half an hour to make
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction * louis mygif harry lourry march 2012 otp: next to you so much stuff this barely even skims it holy shit i knew march was like a Big Month but march is like a //BIG MONTH// i was going through blogs that were around then to find stuff and wooooooooowww that elvis duran 'very faithful' thing happened in march too i only included the initial nod in the dating one bc that and his smile is all i care about it's bw bc tumblr is an asshole and wouldn't take ANY coloring i'm p sure all of this is march but if i'm wrong about smth i'm sorry!!
mine mangacaps myedit Konan naruto challenge narutographic by rue ch: konan chapter372 chapter509 she has almost no quotes and i didn't want to use the pillar one bc everybody has it already this one it is then 5ever sad bc she won't have screentime anymore i actually wanted to do an edit for ino for this one too but she i couldn't find any nice panels of her i should re-read the manga also gdamn cleaning the first cap took forever i am in awe of kishi's art gosh look at the detail in her wings and all the paper things flying around let me just post this quickly before i disappear for a few days again tumblr is so blagh these days
mine Mad Max manifest destiny mad max: fury road mad max fury road mmfredit madmaxedit film: mad max: fury road so this coloring is much better than that other monstrousity which is amazing bc i cannot color for the life of me anyway this scene is so....ugh it's so important mkay this whole exchange is just...asdfghjk i wish i could write some beautiful meta but i'm much too tired it took me like 6 hours to make this one set i'm doomed
mine pllgif plledit i dont know this was supposed to be quality but it didnt really work oUT THAT WAY but on the bright side they're using more colors in this show and im happy i give up on this ive been tweaking it for the past hour using one ep for gifsets is a pain in the ass
mygif MY BABIES white collar mine: wc hanniballecters mcsourwolf brotp: stop playing with the buttons wcedit goodayoldsport y'all should go yell at tumblr user luthorette for this bc she came up with the quote after i got done crying i knew i had to make a thing skdfjhjfksajd peter loves neal so much this gifset took me four days that's real dedication yo
mygifs Persona 3 p3 long post sobs.. p3m Incase jesus this took me forever I JUST WANT THE SECOND MOVIE TO COME OUT ALRDY THE BLURAY I MEAN OFC BC ITLL TAKE FOREVER AGAIN the moment someone else did this too and made it prettier I cry a lot alright I need to help mom for a bit.. also too lazy to tag everybody bc yo burn my bread baby i just noticed I forgot to put any watermarks but now I have closed the shitty laptop
you know like how andreas gifs this took me a week to make i mean I did all of the doctors and and then the clock was a bitch to do and i had to fix one of clock because it didn't move in the right way which took me another hour to fix so thank you for liking this and reblogging my hard work just don't steal it that's all i ask of you
spn fanart abaddon periart cannibalangels this took me forever bc i kept screwing it up but now im doneimdoneimdone too late to fix the fac proportions but if i dont mention it no one will notice right this was such a cool prompt!!!
eldarya eldarya colors i took two hours to do this be glad of me pls
mine Aang Sokka Avatar atla katara zuko suki toph avatar the last airbender iroh the last airbender TLA mine:atla mine:avatar IT TOOK ME AN HOUR TO MAKE THIS PICSPAM OMFG
1k ~ Teen Wolf derek hale tyler hoechlin tv: teen wolf !gifsets i can't even begin to tell you how long this took with the way my computer is i lost three versions of the bottom gif alone and then tumblr refused to upload the first two so i had to futz with the colors and make the second and third black and white but it's done! this song just SCREAMS derek hale to me okay? decided not to upload the third gif because i thought it'd be too busy and the lovely sara confirmed that for me so thanks lovely!