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Psychic Abilities//
Psychic abilities go hand in hand with Witchcraft. Here are just a few of the basic ones and what they are. •Astral Projection: the ability to have out of body experiences and separate the astral body from the physical body at will. •Aura Reading: the ability to perceive the energy surrounding a ...
psychic: *reads my mind*my mind:  Ba. Hababa. Hababadagada. Hababadadaba. Hadabadagadaga. Hadada. Hababa habababadgdaga. Ba. Ba. Bababa. Babababa. Bababababa. Ba. Ba ba. Hababa? Habababababa. Ba? Bababababa? Habwbwa haa. Haa habwabwa haa. Ha. Hadabadaga? Habwabwabw: habwabwabwa habwabwabwa, haa. Ha...
Psychic Ability
I live in Osaka, Japan and often use the subway to go to work in the morning. One day, when I was waiting for the train, I noticed a homeless man standing in a corner of the subway station, muttering to himself as people passed by. He was holding out a cup and seemed to be begging for spare change...
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