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My biggest fear is falling asleep on public transport and waking up in Switzerland or something
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bus public transport image macro welcome to the internet i'll be your guide
mine YESS danisnotonfire dan howell What not to do on Public Transport i've finally learnt how to make GIFS
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Fail social well public public fail That's All The Explanation I Need
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top news in britain today:   daleks hold up traffic on westminster bridge and the prime minister stars in 1D music video i’m not even sure this is a real country anymore tbh
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6 Tips for Speaking In Public
A friend of mine wrote to me recently and wanted to know about public speaking. He was going to have to give his first ever speech, and asked if I had any advice or tips.  This was my reply to him. And I’m posting it here because it might be of use to some of you. tips for speaking. Let’...
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