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danger wank in the library
Because Pottermore just opened to the public,
I’d like to bring this back. My friend and I want to see if there’s any sort of relationship between Hogwarts houses and personality types (we’re using Myers-Briggs for this). If you’d like to participate, just reblog or reply to this post (or message me) with your House and ...
The Garry’s Mod Homestuck Playset is out!! Get it HERE
When I spot my ex in public & I don\'t look good
  • what white people think white privilege is:you're a cruel heartless meanie and you've never worked hard for anything in your life, ever, and any sort of hardship you'll face is automatically invalid because you're a monster
  • what white privilege actually is:you will never experience any racism or racist comments that are genuinely dehumanizing, harmful and challenging to your identity, and any sort of "reverse racism" that you might face such as a PoC calling you a "cracker" is 100% justified thanks to all the fun your ancestors had with enslaving, colonising, and killing millions of PoC
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Complete and total list of every single Taylor Swift song known to the general public.
Since dbt.com went down I think this might be the only complete Taylor Swift songs list on the internet, and I don’t know how we’ll ever get new information about unreleased demos and shit like that but I mean basically this is it. Released (albums.) Taylor Swift Tim McGraw Teardrops ...
Whenever I detect the scent of marijuana in a public area
When parents can't control their raging kids in public
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when i hear someone in public say "tumblr"
“what you know about that”
Houston Rakim Public Enemy
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