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Things Public School Kids Take Way Too Seriously
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Fail social well public public fail That's All The Explanation I Need
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6 Tips for Speaking In Public
A friend of mine wrote to me recently and wanted to know about public speaking. He was going to have to give his first ever speech, and asked if I had any advice or tips.  This was my reply to him. And I’m posting it here because it might be of use to some of you. tips for speaking. Let’...
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My biggest fear is falling asleep on public transport and waking up in Switzerland or something
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Public Enemy
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An abandoned Walmart becomes largest public library in the U.S.
Libraries aren’t dead, no matter what you’ve heard. By LARA FERNANDEZ Many times abandoned places are left behind, but not in this case. What once was a Walmart is now the largest single-story public library in the United States, reports the design trade site PSFK.com. The McAllen Publ...
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