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My art dragon age josephine montilyet puttin stress to work ill even tag it
MY EDIT exo baekhyun Baekhyun gif puttin his power to work
my gif sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch setlock i'm the real im the real puttin dem after effects skills to work
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Stop what you are doing. Go outside and breathe. The world will not end if you take ten minutes for yourself.
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mine bath and body works BABW
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Sounds to Soothe Anxiety
Cat Purring  Thunderstorm (Close) Thunderstorm (Far Away) Ocean Weightless Wind Chimes  Tibetan Bowls  Nature (Images of River) Space Ambient Ambient Electronic Human Heartbeat "Native American" Style Flute/Drum (Images of Fire) Rainforest Celestial White Noise Music to Help Combat Night Terror  Win...
mygifs doctor who spoilers dw spoilers dwedit twelveedit I'd totally be on tumblr in the tardis too I love how clara wants to ask if she's okay and 12 s just like hey whatch u puttin on the tumblr?
Ways to Relieve Stress
Stress is something we all deal with. Whether it’s from work, family, friends, relationships, or financial problems, we all live with it. A little stress can be good for you but too much is where it does harm. Here are some ways I found useful for dealing with stress. Breathe. As an immediate defens...
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homestuck Fanart humanstuck MEENAH aranea aranea serket meenah peixes gillfronds les8ifins i had time to draw for the first time in weeks fuck school also my tablet pen didnt work???but i managed to fix it jesus fuck thank anansi this was stress relief now i gotta finish a commission that i got like 2 months ago im so sorry
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My art levi snk shingeki no kyojin attack on titan EreRi riren heichou gdygdyf cant do muscles i started reading Junkyard dogs and flippin bfghbvg levi tho omg i love the fic took me for ever to do the muscles but it was stress reliever