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Send me a letterA. Why my last relationship ended.B. Favourite band.C. Who I like and why I like them.D. Hardest thing I’ve ever been through.E. My best friend.F. My favourite movie.G. Sexual orientation.H. Do I smoke/drink?I. Have any tattoos or piercings?J. What I want to be when I get older.K. Re...
Ask Questions..
Place a letter in my ask and I’ll answer the question that goes with it.A - If I’m in love.B - Who the last person I talked to on the phone was.C - How long it’s been since I’ve kissed.D - If I have a preference for boys or girls.E - How many holes I have in my ears.F - Give me any options, like ‘ho...
  • 1:A song that makes you happy.
  • 2:A song that makes you cry.
  • 3:A song from the 80s.
  • 4:A song from the 90s.
  • 5:A song from the 2000s.
  • 6:A song by your favorite artist.
  • 7:A song with a day in the title.
  • 8:A song with a month in the title.
  • ...
  • Bubble Gum:Gender?
  • Almond:Hair color?
  • Aquamarine:Eye color?
  • Asparagus:Birthday?
  • Cerise:First name?
  • Dandelion:Middle name?
  • Leather Jacket:Long or short hair?
  • Pink Sherbert:Short or tall?
  • ...
muse-related munday memes
some of these may not apply to everyone! ☯ - which muse are you not active anymore on but wish you were? ☮ - if you could take on the appearance of your muse would you? ♧ - what fandom do you really want to join in the rp community? ♢ - how many muses do you have? ♔ - list all of your muses, ac...
Rural Questions #1
Does everybody else know that children’s song about eating bees  or was that exclusive to my area
do girls really mature faster? or do we just excuse boys’ immaturity longer?
Answered / Unanswered Questions:
Original questions by thebestplltheories (mostly) :)Who is Big “A”? CeCe DrakeWho attempted to kill Alison? Cece DrakeWhy did Jessica cover for this person? Because it’s her daughterWho hit Bethany Young with the shovel? Mona VanderwaalWhy was Bethany Young killed? Mona thought it was AlisonWhy was ...
  • es mucho mejor que el "pregúntame."(post original de spent.)
  • envía uno, dos, tres, o los que quieras. <3
  • 1:Cuéntame de la primera vez que viste tu película favorita.
  • 2:Cuéntame sobre tu primer beso.
  • 3:Cuéntame sobre la persona a la que hayas querido más intensamente de forma romántica.
  • 4:Cuéntame sobre lo que más te arrepientes de haber hecho.
  • 5:Cuéntame sobre tu mejor cumpleaños.
  • 6:Cuéntame sobre tu peor compleaños.
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Examples of questions that may discriminate [and are therefore ILLEGAL to ask] include:Do you have any children? If so, how many and what are their ages?Are you single, married, di...
Weirdly Specific "Get to Know Me" Questions
1. What is your go to flavor of salad dressing? 2. What’s the t-shirt you wear the most? 3. What TV show can you quote the most? 4. Do you put your left shoe on first or your right? 5. What’s your study routine? 6. One sound you can’t stand? 7. Hot showers or cold showe...
So many questions….
The 99 questions no one asks
the questions 1:Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? 2:Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel? 3:Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? 4:Have you ever stolen a street sign before? 5:Do you like to use post-it notes? 6:Do you cut out coupons but then nev...
  • Aries:how is it so easy for you to make friends?
  • Taurus:why do you isolate yourself?
  • Gemini:will you ever stop searching for a new adventure?
  • Cancer:why are you so hard on yourself?
  • Leo:how do you remain so positive even in the most unfortunate circumstances?
  • Virgo:why is it that you rarely talk but when you do, you say the most beautiful things?
  • Libra:why do you succeed at everything?
  • Scorpio:why are you so infatuated with power?
  • ...
20 (intrusive) questions
put a # in my ask1) how would you describe your relationship with your mom/dad2) when was the last time you cried and why3) whats your favorite/least favorite quality about yourself; why4) do you smile at strangers5) how often do people (not family members) tell you they love you6) how is your life ...
me: mom can I go out?my mom:
Send me questions and i’ll answer them all.
Just don’t be creepy ya feel
Worldbuilding Questions #2
What are some of the primary imports and exports of each country (if any)? Are there strict social classes?  If so, is there the possibility of upward mobility among them or are people basically stuck in the class into which they’re born? Are non-heterosexual relationships generally accepted? ...