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Super detailed questions about your OCs
1. What’s their full name? Why was that chosen? Does it mean anything? 2. Do they have any titles? How did they get them? 3. Did they have a good childhood? What are fond memories they have of it? What’s a bad memory? 4. What is their relationship with their parents? What’s a good and bad memory wi...
America news cops police brutality black lives matter
Racism politics obama BERNIE SANDERS democrats 2016
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young justice fandom things YJNetflix
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ok i wasnt going to comment but i know how fast misinformation spreads on this site and how many of yall just hate checking sources before taking things as facts. and im going to try to do this without spoiling anything.there are not rape jokes in the Deadpool movie. one of the scenes ppl keep talki...
mine screen Rosamund Pike gone girl
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When the teacher thinks you aren't paying attention and asks you a question and you get it right:
ot5 hahahaha louis harry 2013 ft. lauderdale tmh tour twitter questions june 2013 13 June 2013
harry potter giveaway books free stuff Reading
photography art design dream body fantasy Graphic surrealism graphic design surreal conceptual Photo Manipulation visual art Flora Borsi graphigeek
tumblr Bug tutorial theme bug theme issue
“Sarah Hofer and a group of researchers from ETH Zurich asked high school physics teachers with limited teaching experience to grade an online written exam question. A total of 780...
I’m a full-time procrastinator and a part-time student
Rural Questions #1
Does everybody else know that children’s song about eating bees  or was that exclusive to my area
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