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important questions about inchworms
33 Questions White People Have For White People (X)You all n...
screenshot Ghost Adventures nonboonary?
shame seaworld blackfish anti captivity askseaworld
  • Bubble Gum:Gender?
  • Almond:Hair color?
  • Aquamarine:Eye color?
  • Asparagus:Birthday?
  • Cerise:First name?
  • Dandelion:Middle name?
  • Leather Jacket:Long or short hair?
  • Pink Sherbert:Short or tall?
  • ...
Send a space thing for questions
Planets: LifeMercury: What’s your full name? Venus: What’s your first language? Earth: Where’s your home? Mars: What’s your sexuality? Jupiter: Do you have any siblings? Saturn: Any pets? Uranus: What’s your hobby? Neptune: When’s your birthday? Pluto: What time is it right now where you are? Moon: ...
  • what she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:How long has Jurassic World been open? How did they reclaim the island from the rogue dinos from the first movie? Are any of the dinos in Jurassic World the ones that have been there all along, just recaptured? Why didn't they clean up the ruins of the original community centre? How did those kids manage to get a Jeep that's been sitting unused for 22 years into working condition at all let alone so fast? How do you even sell an idea like Jurassic World after the events of the first three movies? How was the T Rex in California from the third one spun in the media? What do animal rights activists think of the park? What about conservationists when they're literally feeding endangered sharks to that water thing for entertainment? Do the employees live on-site or are they ferried in every day? Why is a park in Costa Rica staffed exclusively by Americans? How does Costa Rica feel about having an island full of murder-lizards close by? Are the scientists using this gene splicing and cloning tech to save other endangered species? To fight disease? What are the scientific ramifications of the Jurassic World universe? Is 22,000 people a good visitor turnout for a park that size because I feel like they could do better? What does admission cost? Do they have tacky themed resorts like Disney? Why are people literally no longer impressed by fucking DINOSAURS that they need something bigger and scarier? How did they get everyone off the island when the T Rex was still loose? What were they even trying to accomplish with that thing who thought that was a good idea? Dr. Wu you were there in the first one WHY DID YOU THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? HOW THE FUCK DID CLAIRE OUTRUN A T-REX IN THOSE HEELS?!??
do girls really mature faster? or do we just excuse boys’ immaturity longer?
Reblog if it is 1701% okay to drop by your ask and start asking random questions.
kraken parker yes those are titties around a Miller lite
So many questions….
ok i wasnt going to comment but i know how fast misinformation spreads on this site and how many of yall just hate checking sources before taking things as facts. and im going to try to do this without spoiling anything.there are not rape jokes in the Deadpool movie. one of the scenes ppl keep talki...
Signal Boost free kesha
Stop asking about college! Stop asking about jobs and my career! Stop asking about my future! I DON’T KNOW OKAY I DON’T KNOW!
If I cry in front of you, believe me, I reached my limit.
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