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Reblog if you want Suzanne Collins to make a series about how Panem came to be and the very first Hu...
Why did the US government shut down? How did Panem come to existence? Who was the first President? What happened to the other continents? I am planning to see how many notes this gets, and once it gets a fair amount, I plan to send a letter to Suzanne Collins and ask her to make a new series about t...
All I want him to do is tutor me in math but all he wants to do is feign sleep inside of me. All I want to do is sit next to him on his co...
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depression poetry spilled ink mental health secret series if you are actually hearing voices please seek medical attention this is something that's pretty personal to me and i really encourage you to seek help it isn't something to joke about
mine queue mangacaps myedit MY BABIES Shikamaru Nara Team 10 Ino Yamanaka naruto challenge Chouji Akimichi narutographic chapter55 chapter530 i'm like 400% sure that the quote in the caption is a filler quote but i'm too lazy to check if you don't think that team 10 has the best teamwork out of all konoha teams then you're wrong who cares about team7 when you can have these cuties loved them since ever this category is supposed to be for my fav platonic relationships but now that i think about it i actually ship all of them romantically too naruto is a great series for multi-shipping
ace attorney Greatest Hits look at the date on the calendar. look at the reference photo they're using. i mean beyond the 'they're making a chocolate bust of phoenix' thing that apron is not a woman's frilly apron. it's cut to fit miles perfectly. that apron belongs to him. he's not borrowing it. they have reference sketches and schematics up they've been planning this for a while someone (maya probably) took a picture of phoenix coming out of the shower that's what miles is staring at for reference. for what the back of his head looks like. i just everything about this picture is so incredibly important
DOCTOR WHO Ep 3 Sneak Peek: The Doctor & Clara Meet Robi...
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hey non-black folks,
solidarity is not: speaking over black folks at rallies centering your cause in a discussion about black lives… …esp by appropriating the “black lives matter” campaign making black folks explain things to you or centering your feelings making distinctions between “good&...