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Al??acaks?n?z arkada?lar yüzüne bakarken hayat?m?n a?k?s?n ulan diye ba??rmak yerine hafif bir tebes...
myedit arrow laurel lance arrowedit thea queen felicity smoak sara lance nyssa al ghul arrow ladies i wanna refer to this quote whenever i see someone whining about female characters crying
Esta lloviendo como si le hubieran roto el corazón al cielo .
Igual que ami.
Nadie nunca me va a quitar lo que siento por ti, ni siquiera tú.
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we always see all these female villains try to seduce bruce - talia, selina, ivy sometimes with her poison and phermones but like. we never see any male villains do this. talk about a double standard. i demand a story where we see one of the male batman villains awkwardly trying to seduce batman.
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La perfección está en la aceptación.
Fuck being better than you, I’m tryna be better than me
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Princess Ameera
fashion haute couture fashionedit hamda al fahim ss15 spring 2015 couture edit sorry about the weird cut but it was the best I could do :( anyway WOW!!!!!
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