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Gina Torres suits i can't i love it charlie's angels donna paulsen sarah rafferty suits usa meghan markle Jessica Pearson rachel zane the fact the cast does bonus clips like this they're all geeks and nerds
suits IDC harvey specter donna paulsen louis litt suits usa Jessica Pearson rachel zane because i haven't see this done yet and i only included my favs so if you want more oops Jarvey
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1k gif2 mine2 donna paulsen sarah rafferty suitsedit rachel zane i hate u guys
my stuff suits harvey specter suitsusa Harvey x Rachel rachel zane I loved that scene so much!!! I love it when people that don't interact very often have scenes you should befriend her harvey she's your future wife's best friend and your best friend's future wife
gif 1k MY EDIT 2k suits mike ross harvey specter donna paulsen louis litt suits usa Jessica Pearson suitsedit rachel zane NO WORDS FOR THIS EP ONLY MANY EMOTIONS AND I WAS A LITTLE UPSET THAT THERE WASN'T A DARVEY HUG
Deafinitely getting robbed by Zane and Heath
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Hit me right here.. by Zane and Heath
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