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White people are always preaching about how racial profiling at airports keeps them safe, but if I say that I assume that all white people are violent racists to keep myself safe, all hell breaks loose.
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We’ve heard the 911 calls. We seen the 13 year old witness. We’ve read the letter from the alleged [sic] killer’s father. ...
Flint Farmer was armed only with a cell phone when video footage caught Officer Gildardo Sierra beating him to the ground and shooting him seven times. Sierra fired 16 rounds. He a...
Florida’s second sensational, race-tinged murder trial in less than a year is underway. Michael Dunn, a white, 47-year-old software developer,¬†shot and killed Jordan Davis, ...
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I don’t under stand racism because people are like eggs some have light shells and some have dark shells but there’s no point differentiating them because they all taste the same once you crack them open and empty their guts on the frying pan