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Do NOT use this tragedy as an excuse to be racist and/or Islamophobic
If it IS terrorism, that does not automatically mean it is from non-American perpetrators. To my POC followers (particularly Asian and Arabic), please stay safe <3
OPINIONS CAN BE RACIST OPINIONS CAN BE SEXIST OPINIONS CAN BE HOMOPHOBIC stop using “it’s just my opinion” to justify your bigotry.
when you meet a canadian and start a conversation
Ranting About Feminism: It’s racist for you to ask me to overlook no diversity. And I’m not fucking ...
I don’t know how many of you guys know about it but this new movie, “Mad Max” just came out  and has already reached critical acclaim. I haven’t seen it , but it’s supposed to be this groundbreaking masterpiece and a huge step for feminism. Which is all good and dandy In theory. But on tumblr there’...
Racist sexist Nostalgia Critic
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Why watch American Sniper when you can smoke weed and not be racist
Cultures are NOT Costumes
This is a transcript of this video (This video is fully closed captioned!) So, i was planning on doing this video a lot later on in the month, but I realized that a lot of people are probably planning their Halloween costumes right now and I just wanted to stop you now before you made a fool out o...
A wonderful and not so blatantly racist alternative to #transtakeover
Transgender day of visibility is on the 31st of March. We already have a day for posting tons of selfies and celebrating our existence as transgender people. Let’s NOT take from the black community when we already have a day for us. Please reblog this post instead of the #transtakeover one
I'm not racist. Racism is a crime and crime is for black people.
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How Racist is Australia? Pretty Damn Racist.
This is my response (originally published in Crikey) to Mark Sawyer’s article ‘How Racist Are You’ published in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald last week (http://www.smh.com.au/comment/how-racist-are-you-20140611-zs43h.html) Dear Mark, As a comedian I very much appreciated your...
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“Not racist.”
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Why can people not get this?!
Disliking someone who is black does not make you racist Disliking someone because they are black makes you racist Disliking someone who is gay does not make you homophobic Disliking someone because they are gay makes you homophobic Disliking someone who is a woman does not make you sexist Disliking ...