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we need replies back. every time one of my mutuals makes a post im forced to either just like it (which seems lazy and might make them think i didnt actually read the post) or reblog and comment (which seems too public and might make them uncomfortable) or privately message them (which seems too pri...
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when the manga has better animation than the animation...
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just an average day in our household.
Everyone that reblogs this I will give my cat a pet from you
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Full entire complete offense but JJ Abrams looked John Boyega in his face and told him he was the new star of Star Wars. John Boyega had to deal with disgusting racist protests because he’s a lead in Star Wars. Disney’s award consideration category lists John Boyega as “Best Actor.” Bonus features f...
In light of recent horrific bullshit
Has anyone drawn Cap punching Trump in the face? It would be appropriate, and awfully satisfying.
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One of my favorite Funhaus moments, in which Joel plays GTA ...
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  • ppl:ur so talented i wish i could draw
  • me:ive been practicing for ten years
  • ppl:no but like... ur talented
  • me:no ive been practicing for ten years