• read it while you watch? •
  • Fan 2:Oh the feels... why was this deleted?
  • Fan 4:the hell, it's BURROW not borrow
  • Fan 5:*click* omg omg omg GAG REEL
  • Fan 6:I'm giffing the fuck out of everything
  • Fan 7:tumblr owns the avengers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fan 8:ok Coulson, why did you have to die 3 TIMES????
  • ...
You know that feeling, when you're reading a book, and there's a line in it so awesome you re-read i...
Isn’t that the best and most frustrating feelig ever?
Don't believe everything you read...or atleast read things for yourself and don't have the internet ...
A bunch you have probably already seen this tumblr http://popstick.tumblr.com/post/84535892514/silascaptor-coffeeandcuteboys and BELIEVED IT. There is a huge group of artists thinking that Deviantart is just selling their art without permission without actually looking into it themselves. PLEASE EDU...
dahvie vanity botdf blood on the dancefloor botdf dahvie
pearl steven universe peridot prehnite Gem Fusion fan fusion this was actually mostly done a while back and i finished it up to have something to post but i am feeling better! thank you to everyone who sent me get well wishes c: i read all of them and i really appreciate it
Reblog if you love God. He already saw you read it
movies Pride and Prejudice cinematography atonement *edit anna karenina Joe Wright screencap meme skypirateb also while i was making this i wanted to re-watch anna karenina i think i liked it more than i thought maybe??? OR MAYBE I'M JUST A SUCKER FOR TOLSTOY DAMN YOU TOLSTOY i should actually read it thought i mean i've done war and peace how hard can this be
Black people are not trying to BE white people. We do not wanna replace you. Women do not want to be men. We do not wanna step into…ma...
harry potter hp JK Rowling HP Gifs hpedit jk rowling live chat screen shotted the whole thing omg this took awhile someone probably already giffed it but ladies and gentleman the reason why i read harry potter summed up by jk rowling
** 1000* gotedit gotjonsnow gotygritte gameofthronesdaily mine: request iheartgot i basically only ship jon/ygritte and sansa/marg as people who have actually met while others are like in fic i have read a 100k+ fic about sansa/dany and after reading this (it was incomplete) i realised i had started a 180k fic and they still weren't together
From June 28th, Ramadan starts. I, along with my other muslim brothers and sisters, will be fasting. If you could please tag these things: food water nudity (in any forms) similar to the above, sex/nsfw things thank you sm have a nice day
please ok article suicide or murder read it
mine IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED ni modo when they are done with you
One Direction omg this is so hilarious READ IT :)
dragon age dragon age inquisition oh joy sex toy
mad men Christina Hendricks
life lit books Reading Literature lifestyle pleasure read it book love book lover love reading