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I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-31 to see how your muse interrupts mine! Mixture of safe & nsfw. Your muse distracts mine from getting dressed Your muse walks in on mine talking a home pregnancy test Your muse distracts mine from cleaning the house Your muse walks in on mine eating ice...
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My muse is pregnant but doesn't know it yet. Your muse has read all the signs and worked it out, but...
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Send me symbols to learn more about my muse
Send ? for one of my muse’s prized possessions. Send ? for a happy memory.Send ? for a sports headcanon. Send ? for something my muse hates. Send ? for a sleep headcanon. Send ? for a crush my muse has had. Send ? for a favourite movie of my muse’s. Send ? for a weather headcanon.Send ? ...
Hi. I’m auditioning for Meninism and I’ll be singing “Cry Baby” by Janis Joplin.
movies Pride and Prejudice cinematography atonement *edit anna karenina Joe Wright screencap meme skypirateb also while i was making this i wanted to re-watch anna karenina i think i liked it more than i thought maybe??? OR MAYBE I'M JUST A SUCKER FOR TOLSTOY DAMN YOU TOLSTOY i should actually read it thought i mean i've done war and peace how hard can this be
Every RP blog needs to remember this:
Remember when you first made your RP blog? You didn’t make it to impress a certain person or try to get every follower you possible could. You did it because you loved your character— be them canon or OC— and you wanted to bring them to life the way you saw them. Ever since you pr...
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  • Me:I just want to read all day.
  • Me:*stays on tumblr for 5 hours*
  • Me:*watches two seasons of a show in 1 weekend*
  • Me:*composes a symphony*
  • Me:Man, i wish i had more time to read
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The 22nd icon in your folder is your characters reaction to seeing the first snowfall of winter.
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