• really WISE dude •
Spiderman Thor Marvel thor odinson Comic Panels doc ock ch: thor mine: comic edit mine xoxo avenging spider man comic: avenging spiderman ch: superior spiderman seriously though fandom thor isn't an idiot he's a really smart really WISE dude get with the picture would ya????
if brendon urie hasnt ever looked in the mirror and said brendamn then what the fuck is he doing with his life
when you and your bff are out havin a good time and then suddenly you discover dragons and the meaning of life
ok im off to bed i have no idea if this was a joke or like was she really referring to the wax dude or the one dude actually inside the diner this game is really something SA blogging
quote Black and White life sad hipster person words vintage indie bon iver boy questions wise shAdow poem question skinny love Who really
i don’t understand what one direction ever did to deserve such annoying fans?
so I bought my mom this cup with a hot dude having coffee because my mom is fun and i thought this might like her. BUT THEN I SERVE MYSELF COFFEE IN IT AND TURNS OUT THAT WHEN THE CUP GETS HOT THE DUDE LOSES HIS PANTS AND THAT’S COFFEE AND PORN AND I DONT KNOW WHAT KIND OF SORCERY THIS IS!
photoset * CAP subs hey dude noucome Kanade Amakusa edited the chocolat cap out didn't really feel it necessary but eh
TV arrow oliver queen arrowedit by tsveti arrowgif idk dude i just really wanted to gif that scene because smile ;w;
my gifs skins jessica sula 1000 grace violet gen 3 series 5 some white dude who is really lucky
This dude really made his own vine as well
This dude really just told his teacher
Dude is really not tryin to waste his $19.99 at Big5
me my things
1k the hobbit legolas mw* lotredit Thranduil tauriel idk i really like this ok
  • Eponine:-high girly scream-
  • Jean Valjean:MUST BE JAVERT!
  • Javert:really asshole
homestuck karkat vantas terezi pyrope cupidbound Saerok A lil bit weird shading wise but I really hope you like it!
*** Meryl Streep hillary clinton kelly ripa whoopi goldberg margo martindale her getting an iphone was a really wise decision