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10k Fallout long post fallout 4 ok this is really funny to me though another person just launched the game
long post // body image // drawpoop eye contact // everything i know abt loz is based off jesse i dont know anything gtg
mine star wars BuzzFeed long post sw spoilers The Force Awakens star wars spoilers TFA spoilers the force awakens spoilers stormpilot swVII spoilers being really careful here
My art sorry my comics long post frisk undertale flowey undertale spoilers i totally blew off my AP studio art project & other homework for this it's 3 AM when i finished this lol
Fanart ut long post poor thing undertale any english mistakes let me know mettaton mettaton ex Burgerpants undertale comic idk if burgerpants is really a cat but... I just wanted to draw bp suffering lol also..wanted to try painting mtt to see how it would look like terrible rushed thing but meh
dominic cooper TTP howard stark long post *gifset agent carter agentcarteredit making howard gifs into a separate gifset per request + adding few new pictures because honestly i love making these i really should do more of them and maybe for some other fandoms
comics long post Ichimatsu Osomatsu-san osomatsu san Todomatsu Karamatsu Choromatsu Jyushimatsu blmatsu
reasons to read/watch One Piecethere’s an 8 foot tall talking singing skeleton with an afro who makes bad puns all the time what’s there not to lovethere’s a 7 foot tall cyborg who hates pants and says super a lot and he’s powered by colasky islandsat one point someone turns into a giraffe and it’s ...
there has been a pretty far-reaching trend on this website to blog about the effects of mental illness and trauma on emotional regulation and an aggressive campaign to get people to not only understand but accept boundary-crossing behavior from people because it is a reflection of their mental illne...
one of my coworkers used to work at hollister and she was telling me abt their dress code the other day and it simultaneously sounds made up but isn’t surprisingsome highlights:you have to be tan but you can’t be TOO tanyour hair has to look presentable but it can’t look like you put time or effort ...
star wars finn rey image post long post kinda not really bb8 the baes star wars the force awakens SW TFA I need to draw them all like 8000 more times Poe Da sw tfa spoilers sw the force awakens reaction guy meme im sorry my precious loz fans and other fandoms that aren't star warsbtu i love these three ok
photoshoot bts be black fashion mgifs lugifs black women essence fq long post essence magazine Black Hollywood long post for ts Black Excellence Black Actresses lupita nyong'o lupitanyedit lupitanyongoedit lnyongoedit star wars cast fqgifs luyr: 2015 lupromo: sw
Shubbaart long post ive had no good comic ideas in ages these just keep getting dumber and dumber lol i really hope i get some fresh ideas for 2016 because my comics have been dull this year but real talk happy new year everyone hope its a good one for all of ya
1k mine mygif concept long post vixx gif:vixx vixxedit gif:mvs ardenly channnnn sorry for long post lol;;;
My art fire ? my comics long post bumnum pimkin what's this??? me??? drawing a comic??? spam messages I have been getting at least five of these per week and am legit annoyed @staff fucking fix this instead of screwing shit up p le ase I'm sorry for being kind of inactive art wise guys been a little stressed out hah;; not much time or energy to draw I should really start uploading my art to my art only blog instead of just reblogging it there
Adventure Time spoilers Marceline long post *gifset so idk stakes adventuretimeedit stakes spoilers i feel like i could've used something from the later scenes for the last one but i really love this shot also i wonder if it's a bit of a timeline mess up with the earlier simon and marcy stuff like was she already alone during third gif time? because in the separation scene from the next gif she looks older
In 1994 I, an 11-year-old idiot, walked into a rehearsal room in the Old Athenaeum in Glasgow and was welcomed by the fucking Sheriff of Not...