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I really like the idea of those “tumblr university” posts you see a lot, so I’ve decided that I want to write a story for it. So, with that in mind, whoever reblogs this by January 25th will be included in the story in some way!  GO FORTH AND REBLOG MY DARLINGS  EDIT: I DIDN’...
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To start off the new year in a good way, every person who reblogs this will get their username put into a container. Once or twice a day, I’ll pick a name at random, and send that person a character I made up, based on their blog, along with a description of the character’s age, person...
Guys I want to try a thing. Reblog this, and I’ll write a short horror story based on your blog. I’ll then publish it on Wattpad, and delicate to you, and let you see it. I’ll also submit them to Creepypasta and let you know if they made it.  You have until January 13th to reblog t...
So, since I’m in a good mood, I’m gonna do a thing ^.^Reblog this by 4/5/14, and you’ll get a little hand drawn character based on your blog. 
For everyone who reblogs this by 12 am December 26, I will look at your blog and send you a picture of my reaction face.
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if you need any sort of medical care, live in new york, and are between the ages of 10-22 the mount sinai adolescent health center is completely free. you need to make an appointment but once you go there they will give you physical health care (check-ups, etc) dental care mental health care  medica...
her/his mom passed away and she/he wants to commit. please reblog to let her/him know you care.
REBLOG and I will put your url in this folder   So then after I get a few urls I will assign a random URL to stalk another random URL REBLOG
my fluffy chicken said if this got 500,000+ notes i could get a mom like this one 
when my friend flirts with the person i like
  • me:so i'm gay-
  • straight allies:AND that's totally okay!
  • me:
  • me:anyways.
shout out to everyone who was forced to internalize all their emotions growing up and now have a constant underlying anger that colors every part of their lives bc they never got to learn how to process their feelings
don’t roleplay real people.don’t ship real people.don’t talk about real people as if they’re characters in a book or show.no i don’t care if they’re famous.someone i know just stumbled onto a rp blog about THEMSELF and it disturbed them greatly DON’T RP REAL PEOPLE WHY WOULD YOU THINK THATS OKAY