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Perfectly Easy (and Tasty) Microwave Mochi Recipe
For those of you who are interested, this is how I make mochi. I used to do it the traditional steamer way but that took forever, and this is just as tasty but pretty quick to whip up! Also, there’s no possibility of you accidentally spilling boiling hot mochi all down your arms as you try to ...
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I hate recipes that require like 40 weird ass ingredients. I only have eggs, milk, flour and sugar I have no time or money to look for your 3 cups of baby dragons saliva.  
  • Conductor:baton, attitude, black magic, let sit for 30-60 years
  • Violin:Soulless eyes, rosin, callouses, nice hair
  • Viola:Callouses, tears, repeat "It's not a violin" 1,000+ times while it forms
  • Cello:Haunting screams, blood, the souls of small children, with a pinch of callouses
  • Double Bass:Unfortunately small hands, good fashion sense, shy smiles
  • Percussion:Attractive face, sweaty palms, a curse to follow them through their life
  • Piccolo:ears of steel, utter insanity, pretty hands
  • Flute:Lush hair, independence, lack of enough practice time
  • ...
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Recipe: Hot Apple Cider
Ingredients: Apple cider Directions: Get a pot or something and pour the apple cider into it. Heat up the apple cider until it’s warm or hot. Turn off the stove then pour the mixture of apple cider and heat into a cup. Drink it and give me money.
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