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So, I sent a message to Tumblr support about recommended posts, and if you can opt-out of having your own posts be possibly recommended to other blogs, and I just got a reply back. Apparently you can opt out of having your posts be recommended if you turn off “Allow search engines to index your blog...
Did you know that if you go to a Disney park and say things like “please” and “thank you” to cast members and show them some basic respect and not expect them to drop to the ground at your slightest whim, they’ll be really genuinely nice to you and do whatever they can ...
Are you kidding me? Please tell me that you’re just a troll and that this isn’t a serious question. Just in case it is, though, here we go. One of the smartest things I ever heard one of my guests say is that “Everyone, at some point in their lives, should be forced to work in food or retail, or i...
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More Free Textbooks and Courses Online
It makes me so happy to know that whenever I share these links on free education, books and resources online, people not only learn a lot from it but are often generous enough to share it with their friends and other folks online. It goes positively viral. That’s the beauty of learning: Passin...
if you have not ever done a dramatic rendition of total eclipse of the heart by yourself you are lying and everyone knows it so please stop
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LOL the suite life of zack and cody i can't esteban estebanita WHY WAS ONE OF THE RECOMMENDED TAGS GINGER JESUS?
Se um dia você me ver no Recommended, por favor tire um print e mande pra mim que vou fazer um pôste...
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