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My body does not understand the numbers I have built my life around but it knows when I am being kind and when I am treating it wrong.
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Sickness is not so cute and quirky when you’re in your twenties. You’re too busy dying to live. You’re a burden on your pa...
You learn to love the parts that used to disgust you. Those you cannot bear to adore, you learn to accept. Hating yourself is exhausting. It...
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Time to Recover//Closed RP
Samara picks up her head and walks into the hut as he comes to. She sits down in front of him and tilts her head sideways. “Hey sleepy head. You passed out and I brought you back to Berk to fix you tail,” she says. “I told you that your gonna have to get use to it.”
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Feel worthless? Still need to eat. Feel fat? Still need to eat. Didn’t exercise? Still need to eat. Binged? Still need to eat. Gained weight? Still need to eat. There is no excuse for not eating.
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