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Trainer Tips:
For all the trainers playing Pokemon Gen1 for the first time!Special Atk. and Special Def. are bundled up into a single stat, so keep that in mind when deciding what Pokemon to use!There’s no breeding in these games, but there’s also no Effort Values, Natures, IVs, Abilities, or even gendered pokemo...
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I'm doing a poll, Reblog if you choose the Water starter
(Grass) (Fire)
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Yes this is happening. Look how far they’ve already gotten.
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*BIG* Pokémon video games and Gameboy giveaway! (ENDS SEPT 8TH!)
Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the pokémon video game giveaway to end all pokémon video game giveaways. I am giving away three generations of gameboys (yes, three) and NINE games to go with them. All of these will go to ONE winner. Talk about a massive haul. Here’s what the winn...