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naughty children go into the waluigi orb
when you realize you got a fact wrong about your favorite video game
Im so fucking mad Westbero Baptist Shit or whatever can literally mob around funerals and spew their crazy shit about god and how you’re going to hell but when people go to defend a black teen that was shot with out any reason besides pure blatant racism they’re getting arrested, shot, g...
regina speaks
regina speaks
regina speaks
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this is the best fucking song that has ever graced my ears I...
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Okay kids! It’s time for your friendly neighborhood autistic to tell you why functioning labels are bullshit! It’s time for a Tale of Two Autistics. Autistic 1can “pass” as neurotypicalnot all of their friends believe they’re autisticran a psychology studyhas won writing awards at the college levelg...
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Instead of Autism Speaks, consider:
The Autistic Self Advocacy Network The Autism National Committee Autism Network International Autism Women’s Network TASH ADAPT