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I’ve watched you fall in love with everyone but me
being in love with broken things
We are taught that scars are meant to be tucked away behind the curtains of our sleeves, and never let out the door of our lips. But I can’t help but want to tear down every curtain from every person and search for any sign of sandpaper hands, worn out from trying to dig themselves out of th...
Fall in love with someone who’s comfortable with your silence. Find someone who doesn’t need your words to know it’s time to kiss you.
I met a girl in the bar who only drank clear liquor and she laughed at all my jokes and twirled her hair around those skinny fingers of hers...
"just friends"
if we ever get drunk enough that your tongue finds its way to my hipsand in the morning, you remind me that we're "just friends",i will rise, giving you a full view of my naked shoulders shruggingand then kiss you hard enough that myname permanently stains your lips.
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