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there are two hundred and six bones in the human body and there are around seven billion humans alive right now. that means that there are a...
1. Go to a party and stay sober. Listen to the way your drunk classmates talk when they don’t plan to remember tonight when they wake up. Ne...
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I don’t want to be toldthat the moon is beautifuldespite the factthat it is cratered,I want to be told that the moon is beautiful because of the factthat it is cratered,and that the blinding suncan’t helpbut shine a light on this broken beauty. 
I’d rather spill my coffee than write about you again. It will burn less.
Write poems like you mix drinks. On a Friday night with just a little emotional hangover.
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I saw an angelon the bus,with calligraphy curvesand willowy limbs,and she was beautifuland I wasn’t lustful, or envious,just a happy admirer.Then,she touchedher stomachwith her lady-like hands,and sucked it in.And it broke my heart to thinkthat maybeeven angels cry. 
I feel as if I’m made to understand but not to be understood.
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I’m sorry to call but I just needed to know; Darling, was I really that easy to let go?
I hope when you wake up you’re happy. I hope you don’t cringe when you see photos of me. I hope that what we had, is a peaceful...
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This is it. This is how it all begins. The conversations at 3AM and the good night messages,talking when the sun whispersgood morning andpas...