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R.I.P to all the “we should hangout this summer"s that never happened
do you ever miss someone but never let them know because you have this feeling that they are doing just fine without you anyways? 
thank you Marvel autism gotg Drax dave bautista
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“where did all your money go?" i’m either wearing it, or i ate it.
john mulaney The Comeback Kid
LOL funny humor u relate relatable
My art oberlin social psych was my favorite class also the professor was the best
Fail the beatles funny pics i can relate funny pictures dad jokes almost human fail pictures
funny gifs miley cyrus jared leto ellen ellen degeneres the ellen show rumors portia highlight lupita nyong'o
same amazingphil danisnotonfire phan dan and phil in America with the bffl what you doing? looking at cute animals i relate to them phil tweet
funny lmao humor u parents relate relatable
when you forget to turn on the wifi and realize you’ve been using your data all this time 
  • me, jumping from one emotional extreme to another:parkour
lms if you can relate
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