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No. No, you did not deserve that pain. Whatever reason you think you did, is a lie. It’s a lie from your past and anyone whoever harmed you....
He asks if I’d ever write the story of us, and I think, if we were a story, the beginning would be the middle because I don’t remember ever ...
Long live the quiet heart that waited patiently for better things and sunlight
I will never apologize for caring too much, loving too strongly or giving too much. Shame on me for being too much for you. Not.
At least you’re my favorite regret.
For you, I would leave a thousand worlds.
I’m in love with what love does to people, The way it could make people hear sounds they didn’t notice before, The way it could make colors ...
I leave memories and pieces of me in the songs I listen to. Sometimes when I come back to a specific part of a song, I smile endlessly. Like...
She is the war I could never win.
Be my compass. If I’m getting lost, I’ll get lost with you.
I loved you because I believe you deserved it. But then I realized that I, too, deserve more than your indifference.
It is frigid and it is February, but still the warmth of your breath thaws the frost around my heart. You do this unknowingly, and I accept...
He can tell you he loves you a million times. But saying isn’t doing.
Love is easy. It’s just like taking a walk in the park. Love cannot be as passionate as a raging sea. That’s like living in the middle of ...
Sometimes the only way to say how you feel is to show it.
What if I’m not what you thought?
Admiring you from afar is like staring at the stars; beautiful to look at, yet too hard to reach.
She’s like wine in a teacup.
On some days, she’s the cigarette, On other days, she’s the ashtray.